George Preddy: Shinin’ Star Tribute

George Preddy Shining-StarFlypast Magazine has written a beautiful article about George Preddy Jr. The story-telling and imagery are both wonderful. Feel free to take a look at the article HERE & Enjoy!

Public Television Documentary on America’s Top Mustang Ace of WWII Asking for More Americans to Donate to the Preddy Memorial Foundation in Time for 70th Anniversary Film

George Preddy Jr. is America’s Top P-51 Mustang Ace, and his incredible story told through a visually stunning documentary featuring the latest in visual effects technology needs donations from the public and a corporate sponsor to broadcast on public television in time for the 70th Anniversary of George Preddy’s final mission on Christmas day of 1944. Tax deductible donations can be made to the non-profit Preddy Memorial Foundation by clicking on the Donate button below.

Donation Towards:

PTI Airport Revitalizes Preddy Exhibit

PTI-Remodel-Preddy-ExhibitJohn Oberholtzer of Southern Graphics Sales has recently completed the job to revitalize the Preddy Exhibit at the Piedmont Triad International Airport. The contract was for $5,525. John was on the original team that designed and produced the Exhibit about 15 years ago. Bill Moore recommended SGS then and now! Here is a photo of the completed exhibit. Photosand lighting were replaced and the case was cleaned. The TV was also replaced; the film runs 24/7.