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Aviation Art Featuring the Preddy Brothers and other notable Heroes Famous Pilots and Their Planes Cripes A’ Mighty P51 & F16 Preddy Airport Exibits Newly Discovered Photos Misc. Images Links to External Image Galleries The Last Reunion of “The Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney” All artwork and images are copyrighted by their respective artists/photographers and are […]


Greensboro Honors WWII Ace (WRAL News Segment Video) Click the link above to view the special WRAL Tarheel Traveler segment about George Preddy, WWII Mustang Ace. Preddy, the Highest Scoring Mustang Ace Carolina Ace Trailer (Documentary about George Preddy Jr.) George Preddy ~ Top Mustang Ace Wings God Gave My Soul ~ by George Preddy […]