Please visit the pages below to see some of the men and women, and moments in their lives the Preddy Memorial Foundation wishes to honor.

Bill Preddy's Death

by Peter Vodicka Events in Southern Bohemia, April 1945 On April 17th, 1945, probably at about 3pm, Lieutenant Bill Preddy’s Mustang P51 was hit by anti-aircraft fire whilst strafing a German military airfield about 15km south of the town of Ceske Budejovice. He and Captain Reuter had apparently been chasing two German Messerschmitt jets. What […]

Vlado Lenoch, Heritage Pilot, RIP

from the Chicago Tribune: A Burr Ridge pilot killed Sunday in a crash in Kansas is being remembered as an excellent pilot and wonderful man. Vlado Lenoch, 64, and his passenger died after the World War II-era P-51 Mustang fighter he was flying crashed one day after it flew in a festival that celebrates famed […]

Piedmont Triad International Airport Preddy Exhibit

This beautiful Exhibit was designed and built by the Greensboro Historical Museum. Bill Moore was Director of the Museum at the time, and John Oberholtzer produced the Exhibit. The Preddy Memorial Foundation is so thankful for the recognition of the Preddy Bros. and their outstanding service to our blessed country.

Homecoming 1944

On August 6, 1944, Major George Preddy set an ETO record by shooting down six Me 109s in one mission – in about five minutes. Preddy had extended  four times to remain in England, but the result of this mission was that no more extensions would be approved. George was sent home to participate in […]

Dedication of Preddy Blvd.

December 7, 1968 Greensboro, NC It was a cold, cloudy day when the dedication ceremony for Preddy Boulevard took place at the intersection of Elm Street and I85. A number of friends and relatives attended to hear Congressman Horace Kornegay give the dedication remarks, to hear Mayor Carson Bain introduce special guests Gen. John C. […]

George Preddy Senior Audio Interview

The Former Museum Director William J. Moore, Jr. of the Greensboro Historical Museum interviewed George Preddy, Sr. in 1966. Preddy Sr. discusses his sons, George and Bill, their character, desire to fly and their heroism and tragic deaths in WWII. Below is a note Mr. Moore wrote to the PMF Board on June 16th, 2011 […]

American Combat Airman Hall of Fame

October 1, 2004 at CAF in Midland, TX Click HERE for photos taken by Ken Dawson, Arnaud Beinat & Joe Noah while attending the induction ceremony for George Preddy. Please view the ACAHoF citation for Preddy.

Mid-Air Collision

On July 12, 1942, Lt. George Preddy and Lt. Sauber had a mid-air collision while on a training flight. Two publications have gotten the facts of this collision wrong, but most have it right. Below are some photos of the wreckage, as a preface, however, we quote a section of Activities of the Ninth Pursuit […]

George & Lizzie

Painting by Tom Anderson, Febuary, 2003 NAVIGATOR KILLED, PILOT AND 3 CREWMEN WOUNDED B-24 COMES HOME ON 1 1/2 ENGINES AND RIDDLED WITH 327 HOLES This detailed account was written by Allan Matthews Greensboro, NC, 445 BG pilot, though wounded in one eye, on his return from this December 22, 1943 mission. “A railroad town […]

Lieutenant Colonel Don Bryan

Final Flight – Don S. Bryan by John Mollison (WWII, Korean and Vietnam-era Aircraft Profiles) for more information on Lt. Col. Bryan visit Veteran Tributes That’s Don Bryan, devoted husband, lovable crank, brilliant philosopher and WW2 ace. And that’s a little girl in a crowd at a 352nd Fighter Group reunion a few years ago. […]

The Meroneys - Father & Son

Virgil Meroney was born on February 16, 1921, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He enlisted in the Arkansas National Guard on May 24, 1937, and was activated on December 23, 1940. Sgt Meroney entered the Aviation Cadet Program of the U.S. Army Air Forces on March 27, 1942, and was commissioned a 2d Lt and awarded […]

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Air Force Lt. Col. William R. Watkins III 37, of Danville, Virginia. Killed in action while supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. Watkins was assigned to the 333rd Fighter Squadron, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina. Died on April 7, 2003. Soon after he was KIA, Reverend Jean Hood, on behalf of the Preddy Memorial Foundation, […]

Mary Nicholson, British ATA

Flying was a dangerous activity in the early days of aviation. Improvements in aircraft performance were made after World War I, but the safety devices and precautions we take for granted today were unknown before World War II. Many skilled pilots died in crashes, cutting short promising careers. One of those pilots was Mary Nicholson. […]

Greensboro's Thomas Bros

Lt. Guy Thomas Jr., P-38 Fighter Pilot Remembered by Jim Scholosser Among Guy Thomas’ trophies are ones he won in swimming races at Greensboro Country Park Lake, where as a teenager he worked as a lifeguard. Guy also won a five-mile ocean race in Charleston, South Carolina. Guy was so eager to fight America’s enemies […]

Congressman Horace Kornegay

Infantry on the Roll from © Freedoms Heroes by Horace Kornegay I enlisted in the army on December 14,1942. I was a sophomore at Wake Forest College. Before the end of January 1943, I received my orders to report for Air Corps basic training at Miami Beach, Florida. After basic training and additional testing, I […]

Captain Donald R. Emerson

In 1942 Donald Emerson was a 19-year-old North Dakota boy who chose military service over farming. One year after graduating from high school in Karlstad, Minnesota, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps. Just as he was finishing up training as an armorer, the age and education requirements for aviation cadets were lowered; he […]

General John C. Meyer

Joe Noah interviewed General Meyer in the Pentagon while he was Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force. His service extended from 1939-1974. Meyer died soon after he retired. His full tribute can be found at the Veteran Tributes website. Forward to “George Preddy – Top Mustang Ace” by General J.C. Meyer In the […]

Top Fighter Aces' Plaques

Below you will find plaques for the Top Fighter Aces in various categories: Top Ten P-51 Mustang Aces (including their Group, P-51 Total and Total), America’s Top Ten Aces, Tarheel Fighter Aces (including which War they fought in and Totals), Aces who made North Carolina home (including which War and their Victories) and Top American […]

Dolph D. Overton

Eulogy & Other References To DD Many know of Dolph Overton’s exploits as one of the Korean War’s few Sabre jet aces.  This West Point class of ’49 graduate held the hottest scoring streak in jet fighters, with five Mig victories in four consecutive missions over Korea.   With such a record following him, it may surprise many that Dolph was […]