American Combat Airman Hall of Fame

October 1, 2004 at CAF in Midland, TX

Click HERE for photos taken by Ken Dawson, Arnaud Beinat & Joe Noah while attending the induction ceremony for George Preddy. Please view the ACAHoF citation for Preddy.

American Combat Airman Hall of Fame Medal

Joe & Steve

Joe, Gen. Robin Olds, Col. Hicks

Joe, Betty, Ann, Steve and Susan O'Hern

left to right: Susan & Steve Forsberg, Bob Noah, John Hoagland, Betty & Joe Noah, Col. Steve Hicks & Ann Hicks, Arnaud & Catherine Beinat, Susan & Patrick O'Hern, and Tom Wurster, our CAF escort.

Joe Noah at podium

Col. Steve Hicks, Gen. Paul Tibbetts