George Preddy Senior Audio Interview

George Preddy Sr & George Preddy Jr at 605 Park 1944

George Preddy Sr & George Preddy Jr at 605 Park 1944

The Former Museum Director William J. Moore, Jr. of the Greensboro Historical Museum interviewed George Preddy, Sr. in 1966. Preddy Sr. discusses his sons, George and Bill, their character, desire to fly and their heroism and tragic deaths in WWII. Below is a note Mr. Moore wrote to the PMF Board on June 16th, 2011 concerning the long-ago interview and his sentiments regarding the Preddy family. Please take a moment to listen, enjoy and appreciate this interview below (and the additional photos below).

“Dear PMF Board Members:

In 1966, when I was a very young Director of the Greensboro Historical Museum, I interviewed George and Bill Preddy’s father for some reflections on his two sons.  The interview was taped on a reel to reel cassette recorder, as I remember, and my interviewing skills were less than perfect.  Nevertheless, after all these years, the Museum’s archivist, Stephen Catlett, found it and reproduced it digitally on the Museum’s website.  You can now listen to it through the power of more recent technology below (please click the title or play button to listen):

George Preddy Sr. Interview – 1966

This is a loving father’s recall of the two sons and a family he and his wife, Clara, had so fondly nurtured.  I hope it may be appropriate for you all as you remember your own father and your families on this Father’s Day.

Note to Rachel and John:  The sound of your father and grandfather’s voice may be a bit painful for you to hear after all these years but I hope you will know and appreciate what a fine family you came from.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. and Mrs. Preddy and I consider that association one of the brightest times of my life.


George Preddy Sr Interview - Bill Moore

Greensboro Historical Museum, Former Director , Bill Moore

George Preddy & Bill Teague - GEP

George Preddy & Bill Teague - GEP

Mother Clara Preddy

Mother Clara Preddy

Clara Preddy, Bobby Boaz, George Preddy, Bill Preddy & Rachel Preddy

From left: Clara, Bobby "Bozo" Boaz (friend of George's who came to live with the Preddy family before WWII), George, Bill, and Rachel

Jonnice Preddy Faircloth

Jonnice Preddy Faircloth, oldest sister to George & Bill, mother of John Faircloth PMF Board Member & Secretary

Governer Cherry, Clara Preddy, Rachel Preddy & George Preddy

From left: Earl Preddy, Clara Preddy, Rachel Preddy & Governer Cherry Sr.